The Way to Set Custom Tactics in FIFA 16

This is a guide for custom tactics in FIFA 16 Points, I summarize it according my own experience and some advice from forums. How do you set custom tactics? Did it bring more chance to win? I will do my best to keep it as short and light as possible, hope it can be useful for you.

Defense-Pressure and Aggression
We always be affected when pressure together with aggression, i suggest you must make sure you haven’t contradict your sliders or use two completely different systems. As we all know that pressure is when your team starts pressuring the other team, while aggression is how your team handles the other players. Especially, when you manage to get the ball, first you should check how your players are lined up? If you find your CDM is the furthest up the pitch and your attacking midfielder took over his position, you should get the ball and lay it off with your CDM to your midfielder as soon as possible. Try high pressure and high aggression, you will get many chances and catch your opponents defense out of position. For top players, you can buy them with some cheap FIFA coins.

Defense – Team width
What are the position when defending on the pitch? It depends on your team width slider. Keep in mind, it is different from when you are attacking. Narrow means your fullbacks and midfielders will try to guard the center of the pitch and leave space in the wide area’s and wide is the other way around.

I think it is the only time to choose to dominant over the rest. Defend the middle is a rule in the art of defense. This is the end of my guide, thanks for your read and hope your feedback.

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