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PS3 of FUT 16 is Back Online

It talks about it in EAs update message. Mine has also been taken down, and im not too sure why, i have never bought any sorts of coins or anything like that. I also spoke to an EA rep who said my fifa 16 account had been restricted, for some reason (which he would not say) how ever the message also says your account is being analysed and will require more patience.

Maintenance is over.
After being down from Friday, Ultimate Team on PlayStation 3 should now be accessible for most users. EA took down Ultimate Team on PS3 after issues that they haven’t gone into details on, but if it caused them to take FUT offline then it was big and reinforces their decision to segregate the markets this year, as IF the PS3 market was compromised (which certainly seems to be the case) then it could have had an effect on the PS4 market too, thankfully for PS4 users it didn’t.

According to the “maintenance” has finished and after a weekend of investigation, most PS3 users should be able to access FUT again. It also says that a number of transactions have been marked for further investigation, so if you’re still not able to access FUT on PS3 then it could be because your account is still in the process of being analyzed.

By way of an apology, every PS3 user will recieve a free FUT draft token and two Premium Gold packs when they log back in.

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