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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: the EAS FC And EAS FC Catalogue

EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve your FIFA experience. Find out how it works and what is new in EAS FC Catalogue for FIFA Coins in this complete guide.

EA Sports Football Club is FIFA’s social network. It the heartbeat of FIFA and it becomes more connected and more social.

It connects you to all of your FIFA friends and shares your successes and accomplishments with them via an in-game news and alerts feed. The ability to send gifts or messages to them is back as well as the ability to go directly to different areas of the game directly from the news and alerts feed. This means that everyone is connected to friends in FIFA like never before. It also tracks progress through the game by awarding you with XP and Football Club Credits, which allow you to redeem hundreds of in-game un-lockable items to enhance your FIFA experience.

The EA Sports Football Club experience doesn’t just start and end on your console. When you’re not playing the game, you have the ability to stay connected to all of your friends FIFA activity on the EA Sports Football Club companion app and on the EA Sports Football Club website. This means your FIFA experience can stay with you wherever they are.

Now that you already know what is the EA Sports Football Club, we will focus on the EAS FC Catalogue. It is a kind of store where you can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) earned with hundreds of items.

The EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve your FIFA experience. Your EA Sports Football Club Level determines which ones are available for you to redeem. As a Level 20 gamer, you’ll only have access to items categorized from Level 1 to 20. So, the more you play and level up will give you access to more unlockable items. Use the FCC you’ve earned through your play to redeem the items for use. Items include things like goal celebrations, historic kits, extra matches in Seasons and coin boosts in Ultimate Team.

The EAS FC Catalogue was initially created for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. It was the way that EA found to reward you by your FIFA time play. Until there, your progression could be tracked by your level XP but it was useless. With the addiction of EAS FC Catalogue, you have more reasons to play the game because your efforts are rewarded with unlockable items.

In FIFA 14 the biggest addition to the EAS FC Catalogue was the feature that allows you to send gifts to friends. But things did not go well. EA Sports have disabled the most popular and most wanted item of the EAS FC catalogue, the FUT Coin Reward Boosts, because thousands of players have exploited a glitch that allow them to earn much more coins than it was supposed to give. The item was unavailable for five months, between October 2013 and February 2014.

The biggest addition of last year was probably the loan players item that gives you the chance to try top players in your Ultimate Team squad. FIFA 16 points boost were back again but without the feature to send gifts. 

Chemistry, Positions and Tactics In FIFA Ultimate Team

If you want to player well in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. First of all you should know some attribute. Such as Chemistry, Positions and Tactics which are fifa 16 ultimate team coins attribute.

P: What is Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: Chemistry in FUT is an index which evaluates the players’ familiarity with the tactics, positioning and teammates. It is very important in the performance of any team.

P: What do I have to do to get a chemistry 100 ?
R: To get a maximum chemistry, the players should play in their natural positions (or at least in similar positions according to our table), the players/ manager tactics should be equal to the team tactics, the players should relate with teammates regarding to nationality, league and club, and the manager should have the same nationality that most of the players. You do not need to meet all these requirements to obtain Chemistry 100. Learn more here.

P: Which tactics and positions exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are 16 tactics and 15 positions in FUT 16 Coins. Find out more here.

P: How can I change the position defined in a player card ?
R: To change a player position, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the current and the desired position. Learn more here.

P: How can I change the tactics defined in a manager card ?
R: To change a manager tactics, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the desired tactics. This action only makes sense for the manager that sits on the bench because he is the only one that influences the chemistry of the team. Learn more here.

P: How can I change the tactics defined in a player card ?
R: To change a player tactics, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the desired tactics. Learn more here.

Strongest Player in the FIFA Videogames Series Award

The Guinness World Records awarded Akinfenwa the record for obtaining an average strength rating of 97.6 out of 99 based off his statistics from the past five titles in Electronic Arts’ football franchise: FIFA 12 (97 strength stat), FIFA 13 (99), FIFA 14 (97), FIFA 15 (97) and FIFA 16 (98). What’s more, English footballer Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa is now the recipient of a Guinness World Records certificate for the ‘Strongest Player in the FIFA Coins Videogames Series.’

Akinfenwa, who is nicknamed “The Beast,” is the strongest player in FIFA 16, with the 33-year-old AFC Wimbledon striker ranking two points higher than Dynamo Moscow defender Christopher Samba, according to the Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition editor Stephen Daultrey appears alongside Akinfenwa in a new video (posted below), in which the man that they call The Beast attempts a whole range of entertaining challenges at the GWR HQ, including the ‘Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head’ and ‘Fastest time to score against a computer on FIFA 16.’

“Very few footballers repeatedly top score in FIFA ratings unless they’re [Lionel] Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo, so it’s fantastic that a lower-league English player has been recognized by experts as the highest-strength player on four occasions,” Daultrey said.

“Akinfenwa has become a real cult star off the back of his presence in FIFA. With his unconventional footballing physique and playing style, it’s very likely that Akinfenwa is the strongest pound-for-pound pro currently in the game — just as FIFA repeatedly claims.”

Guinness World Records confirmed in its press release that Akinfenwa’s achievement would be featured in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017.

FIFA 16, which is the first main installment in the long-running franchise to feature the inclusion of female footballers, was released on fifa 16 coins Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 earlier this year. Hardcore Gamer’s review for FIFA 16 praised EA Sports’ addition of women’s national teams to the title, as well as it taking “advantage of the higher processing power of current-gen consoles to deliver an experience more realistic than ever.”