FAQ about FIFA 15 Coin Buying/Selling

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If you are still hesitate in the process of buying fifa 15 coins, this Frequently Asked Questions about FIFA 15 Coins Buying/Selling may help you a lot. Come to look, you will never be down.

Q: Should I buy coins?
A: The decision is for you to make. All the risks were explained over this article. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to take the chances or not.

Q: What kind of punishment shall I get for buying coins?
A: At first you’ll only receive a warning. If you insist, your account and FIFA Points will be reset. In the worst scenario you’ll be banned from all FIFA games.

Q: Are there many people being punished or banned?
A: Some players are being punished, but most are able to stay unharmed. Ban cases are very few.

Q: By buying coins am I cheating?
A: It depends on each one’s susceptibility and interpretation. In our opinion no, because it’s the same when you buy packs with FIFA Points, you’ll be given an advantage for using money. However, we do respect different opinions.

Q: How is the buying and selling of coins made?
A: Basically, you find the seller, transfer the money and wait for your card to be bought in the auction house for the Buy Now Price according to the amount of coins you paid for.

Q: How much do Ultimate Team coins cost?
A: The price varies according to the FUT, the seller, the platform, the amount of coins and the time of the year.

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